Date: 29 March, 2017
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Review “what it is

To explore what it could be

To judge whInnovation growths from creativeness, and YES! creativeness can also be trained!

Today we want to present you the method to achieve a Creative Problem Solving (CPS). This kind of way to work was developed by Alex Osborn, the “inventor” of the Brainstorming, a useful resource widely used by the companies in order to solve different problems.

It is an organisational skill which allows you to work with specific, critical thinking and creative techniques to get the achievement of sustainable, innovative and useful results.

During the development process, what you are really doing is :

at it should be

To evaluate what it may be

To decide on what to commit now

All to achieve a new idea that becomes the new what it is



Every former stageis related to the preparation, construction and formulation of all the problems we are dealing with. This means clarifying the difficulty, collecting the data and reframing the problem.

Once the issue is adequately stated, it is time to begin with the production of the brainstorming session towards a solution. There are two different stages in order to attain the best plan.

The first one, divergent form one to another, aims to develop as many ideas as possible. The other one, convergent, works to select the most suitable and feasible idea for us.

Those which best fit are developed in order to find the solutions to the problems. This means that it is time to search for resources, and also disadvantages, before putting it into practice.



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