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About us

Scwuimac! was born in 2010 with the goal of processing and implementing tasks, always in a different as usual and innovative way. This company operates as a business since 2013 based on a novel, original, ground-breaking, refreshing, and current concept. Implemented by passionate people who make a difference in what they do thanks to the way they do it as they enjoy doing it.

Scwuimac! means Business by Projects, which is the same as being the Project Manager for those companies with a long-term view of its growth, the progress or improvement and/or a transformation and leadership of different projects with this vision. This works based on tracking, monitoring and having human contact with the clients during all the process.

Scwuimac! Is located in Valladolid, but we like working elsewhere.

Our Approach

Our method

We analyse your company and this allows us to suggest you several improvements. This way, with our help, we achieve its implementation, prioritising and leveraging the potential of its resources in addition to the technique of the Business by Projects.

We always make everything personal, individualized and adjusting your needs and requirements with the objectives. It would be as if your company was as our own!

Mission, Vision and Values

This is what we believe


Scwuimac! Is here to help people and organizations who believe in the business models approach improve their processes and teams. Scwuimac! relies on the Project Management approach in order to harness the kind of steady and reliable growth that will benefit all the parties involved in the organization.


Scwuimac! aspires to become a national referent in the implementation of the Business by Projects approach for small companies and entrepreneurs.


    • Flexibility! Adaption to changes.
    • Collaboration! We make decisions as a team.
    • Permanence! We stay within your company. 
    • TTI!= Think Test Implement.
    • Lifelong learning! We fly from copy and paste. 
    • Team! We believe in people. 
    • Clients! We are part of your team. 


Our Team

Here to serve

Jesús Pérez

Project Manager

Ana Ayuga

Organization Industrial and Continuous Improvement

Ralui George

Logistic and Lean Manufacturing

Teresa Álvarez 

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 

Cecilia Cossio

R&D and Development Products

Laura Montero

Market Research and Marketing

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Let us help you

Write us at scwuimac@scwuimacproyectos.com, call us at +34.983.379.532 or fill out our information form.

We are in the Merced street 6,right in the center of Valladolid (Spain).