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About us

Scwuimac! is the answer for companies in need of professionalization. Small companies do not usually have the processes, the tools and the knowledge that large companies have at their disposal, nor can they afford to hire experts in many fields.

However, in our experience, when specific processes are applied and tailored to smaller companies, they turn out to be very useful and help them gain efficiency and competitiveness. Scwuimac! aims to provide quality service to any business leader who believes in the project management approach as a means to grow their company in the short-term as well as in the long-term.

Our Approach

Our method

First, we will audit the company and offer a series of measure for improvement. Through our Project Management approach, we will help you implement these measures, aiming first to improve the company’s existing resources. We will work with you, adjusting to your needs and goals, fighting for your company as if it were our own.

Mission, Vision and Values

This is what we believe


Scwuimac! Is here to help people and organizations who believe in the business models approach improve their processes and teams. Scwuimac! relies on the Project Management approach in order to harness the kind of steady and reliable growth that will benefit all the parties involved in the organization.


Scwuimac! aspires to become a national referent in the implementation of the Business by Projects approach for small companies and entrepreneurs.


  • Flexibility: Adaptation to change
  • Collaboration : We decide as a team
  • Permanence: We stay within your company
  • TTI: Think, Try, Implement
  • Constant learning: No “copy-paste” solutions
  • Team: We believe in people
  • Client: We are a part of your team


Our Team

Here to serve

Jesús Pérez CEO & Founder

Borja Fernández Director of Consulting Services

José Ignacio Pestaña Industrial Organisation Consultant

Teresa Álvarez  Business Strategy Consultant

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