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Ralui George

Electronic Engineer

Logistics Specialist

Owns an Electronic Engineer Degree and a Master in Logistics from the University of Valladolid.

He is the responsible of executing Logistic Projects and Lean Manufacturing using analitic process that help to adopt principles and planning tools for the management to be able to get a constant improvement in productivity.

When it comes to the projects he develops, he is specialised in the application of those techniques that allow adjusting the process and working rhythms to the clients real demand.  This means getting relevant increases in productivity, capacity and reliability of those process as well as savings in stocks and delivery terms.

Moreover, he handles the creation and promotion of supply networks. It also includes all the planification, execution and control process of all the operations that take place during this supply chains. This means all the process, from the storage of raw materials that come from the different suppliers, to the inventory of the completed goods ready to consume.