Date: 28 March, 2017
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Ilustración de Lucia Be

Today, in Scwuimac!, we woke up with an ashy heart.

The Northwest is burning and yet some dear to focus on the Northeast… not understanding that they will never be able to see the independence of Catalonia or if they would die in flames first. 

The number one rule, which rules the Business by Projects, is based on giving priority to the basics. We dream with a selfless, anonymous and fair forest policy. As fair as “The Earth belongs to everyone”. If we don’t take action in the essential and focus on the most important, that desertification we though was really far, will be seen with our own eyes.

We are very excited about the fact that all neighbours are being really solidarity with their land. We can see through the Lucia Be drawing that, that Monday night, some local, with its own voice, became a Project Manager and, with the available resources, made a real T E A M and tried to put the problem out. All our admiration for them all. We couldn’t have done better.

One of the main problems for the scale of the disaster, even caused by terrorists, is the severe drought which is taking place in Spain, directly related to the climate change. This is another priority for those who pull the strings that may be taken into account.

We want to leave you here what Javier Ruiz Taboada said: “Time to time” which means the madness that we are going through this October, more grey than ever.

Time is what happens with us,

Meteorology is what ignores us.

Good proof is that this autumn is passing by, and wide.

It is being a season without trains, underground, empty…

Not even Penélope wanted to stay at the bench of the platform.

Not rainfalls, except from those that politics offer us.

But everything suggests that changes are about to come.

Rains will come on Tuesday, not perfect timing, but welcomed.

It is also said by those who know that cold has past the due date and it is about to brake snows.

We will attend the delivery of the north and the heating. They will no longer be on strike in the sky and will begin to contribute in the pollution cause.

It looks like, in the end, Santa Claus is climbing the balconies each Christmas. He won’t come tan, not even wearing a trikini. It is not going to be necessary to open the pools.

But, do not trust, meteorology it not a precise science and, at any moment, it can upset you.

Until here, I can predict.



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